Fundient is a strategic growth partner that provides out of the box solutions tailored for almost any situation.

Fundient is a thoughtful, flexible and tech-enabled capital partner that is here to invest in our clients’ growth with a broad range of financing and structures to enable you.
We offer financing to help you reach your goals by providing capital for new growth opportunities, company expansions, acquisitions, hiring employees, or purchasing new inventory and equipment. We offer a variety of flexible lending options that we are able to underwrite and fund loans of up to $10.0M.

Specialty Finance

Fundient delivers flexible, customized financing solutions to a wide variety of businesses in the US. Whether to accelerate growth, invest in new opportunities, or enhance business operations, Fundient provides a wider range of financing structures to most industries and businesses than most lenders. Using advanced machine-learning technology and years of underwriting experience, we can be a valuable partner for any situation.

A/R Lines of Credit​

Fundient can unlock the cash flow of your customer invoices waiting to get paid. A loan secured by your accounts receivables is an easy way to support the growth opportunities ahead of you. This type of facility is easy and quick to set up, flexible and allows you to access capital sooner than later without giving up ownership of your invoices.

Debt Consolidation

The wrong debt partner can cripple a business. Fundient is here to be the right debt partner. We can help by consolidating all existing debt, pay off expensive creditors, and create one single loan with monthly payments at a significantly lower interest rate. Increase your cash flow and gross margins through our quick and easy solution.


Are you looking to expand by Acquisition? Fundient can help. We can leverage your company’s current assets or cash flow as well as the acquisition targets’ potential revenue streams to help you expand your business. We see the profitable opportunity ahead and want to help you strategize to make that happen.

Purchase Order and Contract Financing

Did you land a big contract or receive an influx of new orders? Is your business seasonal and you need to fund the upcoming busy season? Fundient’s PO and Contract financing solution can get you there. We see the potential of growing your business and will advance the funds you need to make that happen.

Inventory Financing

Fundient can be your partner for flexible inventory finance solutions. We can leverage current inventory to unlock Cash Flow. We can also help you put new inventory into production by working directly with your factory to cover upfront costs. We understand the entire lifecycle of your business and can help finance it all, or just part of it. Our solutions are based around our clients needs.

Growth Capital

Launching a new product? Looking to make a strategic hire? Is there new technology that can take your company to the next level? Look to Fundient to help you get there. We see the potential of investing in your business and our growth capital loans will allow you to access growth capital without hindering your working capital. We customize our facilities to fit you and your company goals.

About Us

The Fundient Family of company’s deliver specialty-finance products rooted in deep industry experience and technology to deliver superior performance.

Generating assets from digital-only lending, powered by innovative technology, machine-learning, and versed in distribution partnerships, we’re re-writing the book on reaching the best consumers of needs-based loans.

And throughout the virtuous cycle of needs-driven specialty finance engagement, the Fundient family of companies is positioned with deeper understanding and more time-tested experience targeted @ amplifying results. 

Scott Gordon
Chairman of Fundient LLC

Scott is a serial entrepreneur with a professional education in software engineering, but a track record in start-ups and business investing, specifically in technology and finance.  Scott is the founder and CEO of Open Mortgage, a national mortgage banker with retail, wholesale, and correspondent services.

Sal Mirran
CEO Fundient, LLC

Sal is a 30-year operating executive with a record of building, growing and leading businesses. He has expertise across lending value chains: how products and risk are originated, marketed, fulfilled, designed, developed and priced, having seen the loan process “from the application to China and back.”

Adam Garfinkle
Managing Director Fundient Flow, LLC ​

Adam brings over 30 years of experience in financial services, with specific expertise in structured products investment banking, sales & trading and M&A advisory. Adam was most recently  CFO and Head of Capital Markets at Renovate America. Adam leads with humility, humor and a deep personal investment in coaching his team towards achieving their personal and professional goals. Adam graduated from the University of Florida with B.A. degrees in Political Science and Economics.

Tony Nolte
CFO & Counsel

Tony brings 30 plus years of finance and legal experience with a heavy focus on creating strong corporate foundations around structure, process, procedures and financial management. In addition to his Fundient role, Tony currently serves as CFO and General Counsel for Open Mortgage. He also is a Board member and provides advice and counsel to start-ups in several industries. He holds a JD (Magna Cum Laude) from South Texas College of Law, MBA (Finance) from Eastern Kentucky University and BBA (Industrial Administration) from the University of Kentucky.

Scott Lascelles
Chief Risk and Analytics Officer​
Scott is a strategic leader with over 25 years’ experience in financial marketing and risk management.  He has Consumer Lending and Specialty Finance experience spanning Risk, Marketing and Capital Markets.  He has designed and implemented numerous lending platforms across industry verticals with a focus on analytics with repeatable and measurable processes.

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